Our commitment to our clients and to ourselves embraces ambition, responsibility, humility, and integrity.

B&D VENUES is led by seasoned sports facility professionals, including B&D president Chris Dunlavey and project executives Bill Mykins and Jason Thompson, with the support of leading industry experts, including former Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens executive vice president Jim Bailey and former owner of Mandalay Baseball Properties Rich Neumann.

Over the course of our careers, we have planned and managed billions of dollars’ worth of development projects and our analysis, methodologies, and project management systems are among the most highly refined in the industry. Above all, our commitment to advancing the strategic goals of our clients has earned the loyalty of a wide variety of institutions and agencies, many of whom have continued to retain our services long after the completion of our initial assignments.

We value our relationships and recognize that success is fostered through meaningful connections.

Our purpose is to inspire and empower organizations to maximize the value of investments that advance communities.