Seattle Center


Arena Market Analysis

In 2002 B&D was selected by the Seattle Center to identify, analyze, and evaluate potential redevelopment scenarios for Mercer Arena, the 5,000-seat facility built in 1927 situated on the Seattle Center Campus. The arena was closed in 2003 due to code deficiencies, and we were commissioned to research alternative long-term uses for the facility that would meet specific financial criteria while advancing Seattle Center’s vision for its theater district. We completed a market analysis to evaluate Seattle’s ability to support potential alternative redevelopment uses, such as sports, live music, a cinema complex, and recreation. We concluded that the auditorium option provided the most potential and as a result 13 development options—including the participation of a private entity—were financially tested. We recommended the Seattle Center partner with a private entity and pursue the redevelopment of the Mercer Arena as a 4,000-7,000-seat performance auditorium.