Indian Mountain School


Arts Facility Feasibility Study

In 2007 Indian Mountain School completed a strategic plan outlining programmatic and development goals for the next ten years. An improved arts program with a flexible schedule and a new arts facility were identified as top priorities. In addition, an underlying theme to the plan was the school’s goal to “become a more green [sustainable] school community.” B&D was retained by the Indian Mountain School to perform an arts facility feasibility study. As a part the study, we conducted a strategic visioning session, student focus groups, administrative interviews, a benchmark analysis, and a facilities gap analysis to develop program scenarios. Our study identified the demand for art facility improvements on campus to support the current programs and enhance the academic and co-curricular offerings in support of the strategic plan, and to maintain a competitive advantage in the regional independent school market. Two program scenarios were presented to illustrate possible facility development options meeting the demands outlined in the gap analysis and supporting the school’s objectives. Option A included 24,000 SF of new construction, and would support all the school’s needs for visual and performing arts, including a 300-seat theater. Option B, 13,000 SF of new construction, would support the school’s arts goals while continuing to utilize its existing meeting room for theater productions.