Criterion General, Inc.


Athletic Facility Feasibility Study

In 2006 Criterion General, Inc. needed a feasibility study to analyze the demand for an athletic facility, develop a financial model, and recommend whether they should proceed with the development of the project. B&D was retained for this study and our work involved: a visioning session with key stakeholders; a demographic analysis of the target population; an analysis of the competition and of organized sports leagues in the target area; development of a detailed financial and operational model to outline the cost of operating the proposed facility and identify revenue and usage targets. Based on our research, we determined that the proposed athletic complex was feasible assuming adherence to the following: the facility must be operated as a membership-based club; its architectural outline program must be modified to reflect the needs of its members; the facility must employ highly competent full-time staff whose sole objective would be business development and community outreach; and Criterion must look for alternative funding sources and other financial opportunities to offset operating deficits in the first few years of operation.