St. Albans School


Campus Expansion Program Management

In 2005 St. Albans School selected B&D again, this time to provide pre-construction program management services for its centennial campus enhancement project. It was the school’s hope to use us to bolster the experience of the planning office without having to take on the risk associated with hiring staff specifically for the expansion project. After assisting the school in developing a space program and a variety of facility improvement alternatives for incorporation into its 2003 campus master planning effort, we were well-positioned to continue assisting it during this next phase of the implementation plan. At the outset, we conducted a study of campus facilities to develop an understanding of the school’s plan. Then we joined the school’s planning office on campus in a shared office space. While 100% of our time was not required by the school, it was agreed that the level of service needed would be better met with direct access to our staff as a resource. During the ensuing months, we attended project meetings with faculty, staff, and students to discuss the desired use for renovated spaces. We developed 3-D models of architect-designed spaces to aid the school in conceptualizing how the new spaces would connect with the rest of campus. In addition, we completed detailed design reviews at critical milestones during the design process. As a result, the school completed construction of Marriott Hall in 2009. Part comprehensive renovation and part new construction, the 70,000 SF, $12 million facility houses a student center, classrooms, faculty offices, a library, and an auditorium.