DePaul University


Student Housing Resource Center Development

In 1994 DePaul had a Student Housing Strategic Plan but recognized that the development of their much-needed housing facilities would require many years to implement. To respond to the need for improved housing in the interim, the university retained B&D to develop a means to help its students obtain better access to the off-campus rental market. We had developed the school’s original Strategic Plan, and now added a proprietary computer-based system named the “DePaul University Housing Resource Center” that helped students find appropriate housing. It enabled them to input a detailed set of parameters defining their desired accommodations, including: rental rate, number of bedrooms, neighborhood, distance from campus, and distance from public transportation. This system was accessed through designated workstations in the school’s Residence Life Office and was designed to sort thousands of records entered voluntarily by area rental agents. It proved instrumental in helping students navigate the rental market and it contained detailed descriptions of each property, including amenities and crime statistics. Standard forms for leases, sublets, complaint letters, and other documents could be printed out directly from each workstation. B&D developed and installed the Resource Center over a three-month period and it quickly became a very valuable student resource.