Our purpose is fulfilled when a completed project advances a community.

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By maximizing value and mitigating risk every step of the way, we take an idea and manage it through to ribbon cutting. We continue to improve our services with the goal of seeing 100% of our planned projects built.

B&D VENUES’ value management approach to facility development responds to the basic problem facing any entity that seeks to develop new or renovate existing facilities: How can the project achieve its strategic objectives in the most economical way possible? Our services are designed to minimize the four primary types of risk associated with facility development projects—revenue, financing, capital cost, and operating cost—while consistently maintaining a focus on our client’s mission as the overriding determinant of project priorities. The end result is a consensus-driven project which all vested stakeholders helped create and which is the relentless implementation of their vision.

More than 85% of the development projects B&D plans get approved, funded, and built. We attribute this track record to the care our teams take on the front end of project planning to align the program with the client’s mission and strategy.

Our program management services guide owners through all stages of facility development.


B&D VENUES tests the market feasibility of sports and entertainment venue concepts through a comprehensive market analysis. Using demographic research, focus group interviews, and surveys of the target user population, as well as an analysis of a proposed facility’s competitive environment, B&D VENUES projects the unique demand characteristics of the target market, including the facility elements most in demand and the amount of revenue potentially generated by each. This process enables a sizing of venue capacity and architectural program that is tailored to that market and the entertainment it supports.
As a part of the market analyses, B&D VENUES utilizes comprehensive program data and market-specific share ratios to evaluate comparatively the corporate and affiliated demand for premium seating in new or renovated venues. This analysis provides B&D VENUES with a context from which to recommend a market-responsive premium seating program that maximizes revenues per square foot, in order to design and build in direct proportion to user demand and to avoid “over-building” or “under-building” for the market.
B&D VENUES evaluates site alternatives with regard to their market responsiveness, accessibility, visibility, impact on the facility program, constructibility, cost implications, and conformance to public policy goals (such as economic development plans) in order to recommend the optimal location and orientation for a venue project. We develop conceptual designs for proposed facilities or renovations, identifying key parameters for later architectural design and providing a basis for construction estimates.
B&D VENUES specializes in the planning of mixed-use developments anchored by sports and entertainment venues. Through a series of comprehensive market and project economics analyses, we quantify the demand for market-rate rental housing, for-sale housing, office space, and retail space as part of a larger development plan that includes a public assembly facility. The result is a feasible concept for a variety of real estate uses that complement one another as part of a comprehensive development.
B&D VENUES is well versed in assisting collegiate departments of athletics in prioritizing strategic objectives. We help reconcile those objectives with campus opportunities to develop a master plan for athletic facilities that provides maximum return on investments over a long-term, phased-development timeframe. Most importantly, B&D’s background with broader institutional decision-making enables us to assist with aligning the athletics master plan to the overall institutional mission in order to build campus-wide support for the athletics master plan. The result of our work is the development of master plans that are implementable, that demonstrate market and financial feasibility, that promote donor interest, and that represent the university’s objectives.
B&D VENUES develops highly sophisticated financial models that incorporate projected revenues, capital costs, operating costs, and financing strategy to determine how to make a project financially self-supporting or profit-generating to the extent required by the client. Where appropriate, we set the basis for the negotiation of lease terms between facility owners and tenants as well. Our public finance experts develop creative funding strategies and alternative financing plans for sports and entertainment venues, utilizing such tools as tax increment financing districts, tax incentive programs, tourism and special interest tax allocations, grant programs, or other mechanisms that identify the most viable options for each market.
By quantifying the non-recurring impacts from construction (including new economic activity, new tax generation, and new jobs) along with the recurring, annual impacts from operations, B&D VENUES utilizes the RIMS II input-output model to identify both direct and indirect economic impacts. These metrics help our clients engage in informed public policy-making regarding the “return on investment” and other benefits that public assembly venues may be expected to deliver to local, regional, and state communities.
Through a Request For Proposals (RFP) or sole-source negotiation process, B&D VENUES can help the owner select a design team with the necessary experience, design skill, and commitment to service to translate our client’s vision into working drawings. B&D VENUES writes project-specific RFPs, pre-qualifies candidate firms, assembles and trains selection committees composed of client decision-makers, evaluates and summarizes proposals, and negotiates contracts on our clients’ behalf.
B&D VENUES incorporates an understanding of each client’s strategic objectives and extensive knowledge of building technology and facility standards, with the insight provided by our market research and premium seating demand analysis. This allows us to develop a detailed program of architectural requirements document. This document provides all the baseline information required to engage an architectural and engineering team to design the facility and build in conformance with both owner and user needs.
B&D VENUES’ extensive experience planning sports and entertainment venues equips us to act as the coordinator of design activities. In addition to administering the design contract and ensuring adherence to budget and schedule, B&D VENUES acts as the critical second set of eyes to ensure the high level of aesthetic quality, functionality, constructibility, and serviceability desired by our clients. Our value management philosophy dictates that value engineering, rather than being an after-the-fact cost-saving device, is an ongoing process of monitoring estimates and evaluating the benefits derived from each investment so that costs never run far over budget before being corrected.
Whether the owner’s interests are best served by a general contractor, construction manager, or design-build entity, B&D VENUES acts as a conduit for our clients’ control of the construction process. B&D VENUES selects construction entities through competitive bids, RFPs, or sole-source negotiations, coordinates pre-construction planning, and oversees the on-site activities of the construction entity to ensure adherence to the client’s standards for project quality, cost, and schedule.
B&D VENUES has successfully represented both sports teams and public-sector facility owners in negotiations of development agreements to build sports venues and leases to operate them. B&D VENUES’ expertise in project development equips us to assist parties in the creation of development agreements that address all aspects of project financing, entitlements, design, construction, and the various aspects of control and risk involved the building process. Our lease agreements comprehensively cover all aspects of facility operation, including control over various facility revenues, event management, operating costs, and long-term capital maintenance, as well as renewal terms.
B&D VENUES’ depth of experience with testing markets and establishing strategies for facilities has familiarized our staff with the full spectrum of management approaches, staffing structures, operational costs, and market positioning strategies for such facilities. Our business plans integrate client objectives and market responsiveness with an eye toward efficiency and customer service. Key issues our business plans address include whether to outsource services such as food service and back-of-house and/or front-of-house facility management to third party contractors.
B&D VENUES helps develop and advance comprehensive priority seating programs for collegiate athletics facilities. A priority seating program serves as a transparent ticketing system for athletics donors that incentivizes increased annual giving levels, as well as rewards donors for their loyalty to the program. B&D VENUES collaborates with colleges and universities to develop a program tailored to the institution’s values and demand that will drive donation and ticket revenues.